Saturday, June 18, 2005

Learning something new .. Basic Computer Tech Stuff

Ok.. so I am reading this book called "A + Certification". Its a book designed for beginners so that I can become a computer technician. Funny how things come back around in life. I remember being really interested in computer programming in 8th grade with TRS-80 computers ( better known as "trash 80" computers ). I learned BASIC.. then later in High School, I learned FORTRAN 4 and PASCAL. Then somewhere along then line I quit. I think it was those Derivatives and Integrals in College. Anyhow.. years later.. I am a beginner again. Just like I was in High School. Now I am 38 years old, at a dead end call center job with no where for advancement. Thats why I started learning this book. I think this is what I want to be in life. Still havent figured it out...even after a wife, 2 kids, mortgage payments and my 20 year High School reunion coming in a few months. My circle of close friends in High School are...... hmmmm.. one is a Dentist who has his own business. Another is a Professor at a university with a PHD. Another is a Top Engineer for his company. And the last one is a business professional at the New York stock exchange... and then there is me. I have a dead end job where I take calls from customers who yell at me for 5 dollar late fees. hmmm.. maybe I wont go to my High School reunion. Anyhow..lets see how this computer stuff goes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My thoughts and me

My thoughts and me. I think random things of the day from anything to anything. Stay tuned.